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BEAT THE BEST ~ Human Slinky, U.S.A. by HumanSlinky


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Real or Fake by HumanSlinky


From Odyssea Show in Sea World Orlando/Florida, ANNA OPREA by VENIAMIN SHOWS, INC. perform The Human Slinky  and Octopus Dance show
The wonders of the sea come to life with a breathtaking, mystical show at SeaWorld's Nautilus Theater. Odyssea is a non-traditional circus that combines high-flying acrobatic performances, delightful comedy, whimsical costumes, dramatic music and fantastic special effects within a spectacular set themed as an underwater fantasy world. The dynamic, 30-minute show transports guests from the surface of the sea to the depths of the ocean with a little help from an imaginative and eccentric explorer. The audience encounters an array of adventures, including:- An icy, Antarctic landscape with high-flying, playful "penguin" characters who bounce, tumble and flip on trampolines;- Gravity-defying aerial performers who execute intricate formations while suspended high above the stage;- A dazzling contortionist, balanced inside a giant seashell, who twists and bends into seemingly impossible shapes.   By

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