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Photo Album Octopus's Venimin, Performers Veniamin with Anna from Russia, Casino Conrad Jupiters, Inneuvre Revue, Gold Coast/Australia 2000


Veniamin's Octopus Dance, performers Veniamin and Anna Oprea, Casino Conrad Jupiters, Inneuvre Revue, Gold Coast/Australia 2000.

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Veniamin and Anna Oprea

Human Octopus Dance - Bringing Aquatic Themed Trills to Your Event

     When it comes to the show business, every act from Veniamin stands out because really, we understand every event and itís audience before taking on any stage. We've been to hundreds of shows in the past, and for every time we are on stage, we leave our audience entirely fascinated by the uniqueness and specialty of our acts. This is one primary reason we keep getting positive reviews and recommendations as the best event entertainers in our operation area.

Human Octopus Dance is another novelty act that brings the quality of entertainment and fun we are known for. With the right costume and energy, Human Octopus Dance can turn your event around for good. The Human Octopus specialty act perfectly combines looks, energy, skills and some silky moves to bring the perfect event entertainment to you.

As great event entertainers, we know exactly what your event needs even before our act steps on stage, and we are ready to give our best shot at ensuring we provide your audience something to talk about for a long time.

Apart from being serious event entertainers, Human Octopus Dance perfectly represents the typical octopus in strength and looks. The topnotch costume will leave you struggling to get the difference. Kids, as well as adults, will have a swell time watching the performances of the Human Octopus Dance, because really, what we are known for is bringing life and fun to any event. If you don't want a boring event that's filled with dry and uninspiring performances, then maybe it's time to book this unique talent act Human Octopus Dance.

Watching this beautiful act grace your stage with some fantastic dance moves is a sight of a lifetime. There's nothing that it won't do to entertain, from taking the stage and owning it, to stepping up anywhere to entertain guests. One thing is sure - your stage will be lighted.

The Human Octopus Dance can perform anywhere, irrespective of what the event is - from children's party to memorial events and even holiday special events. As long as there's a gathering, you need the perfect entertainment to go with.

The act is not even too expensive, considering all the wonders it does to lighten up your event. People have described the Human Octopus performance in the past as pure magic, and this is because, beyond their expectations, the Human Octopus Dance comes into any show and redefines fun. Are you Looking for a way to make your event a talk of the town? Have this act on your stage, or at the gate, performing for your guests and even you will be surprised at how well it does this.

Contact us today and letís get talking about the incredible ways the Human Octopus Dance can create a spark in your event. One thing is sure - your expectations will be met and surpassed.  

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Conrad Jupiters

Human Octopus Dance

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Veniamin and Anna Oprea

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