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Winter Garten-Variete/ Revue "1000 Nights"  

 What is it? A worm, a fabulous monster from another galaxy? The two American artists are presenting a genius act of fantasy with strong choreography and gymnastic skills.  Both are national Gymnastic level. It's a dream! From  program "1000 Nights" in Wintergarten Berlin - New variety show enchants everyone. Fabulous Octopus entanglement; The Duo Veniamin deserves all the bravos. Welt an Sonntag, 27. 8.95  Amazing Show in the Wintergarten. Worm, crab, or fairy-tale creature? The Duo Veniamin from USA enchants with body-magic. Bild, 23. 8. 95   

The amazing fairy- tale characters of the Duo Veniamin. Berliner Zeitung, 28. 8. 95

Interesting: the gymnastic performance of  Duo Veniamin "The Beauty and The Beast" attraction. It's a strong, slow twist of the body in the fantasy-costume of a pipe monster". BZ an Sonntag

Duo Veniamin moves the octopus arms in an unusual way. Neues Deutschland, 23. 8. 95  

Talent Press Release1st International Circus Arts Festival in Budapest 

The Festival of Budapest revealed two attractions never see before in the ring... "The Octopus" and  "The Human Slinky". The performers, Veniamin Duo, are the Romanian couple Veronica Chicioroaga and Veniamin Oprea. The impressive "Octopus" is a tumultuous white and blue stylized adage act with Veniamin playing the role of the Octopus (male) and Veronica playing the Octopus female. The Human Slinky, a swaying sculpture, was presented solo whereas normally it is performed as a synchronous duo act. Veronica was injured while dancing with the Octopus the night before anyone realizing. Veniamin, have force of the connections and the rhythm is very intense. The duo, with its animated creatures, work mainly in music halls, cabarets, cruising ships and for television. They have already been applauded in many capital cities. The two visual acts with the king of dynamic and suggestive corporal expression which creates a vision of supernatural beings - of plastic poetry - have all the qualities necessary for a circus career. By  Sylvain Jardon- Foundation and director

Human Slinky Press Friedrichstadt-Palace Secret Garden"Secret Garden"-Revue Friedrichstadt Palace     

The highlight of the evening was the performance of the acrobat Veniamin, who first appeared on stage as an octopus and then as a colored stove-pipe with four arms; original, comic, really outstanding. Berliner Zeitung, 17 February 1997  

Outstanding was the Acrobatic performance of the American Veniamin, filling the stage first as a, giant octopus and then changing quickly into a dying monster. Berliner Morgenpost  

Among the artists in "Secret Garden" From Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin, Germany is the artist Veniamin and partner the prim soloist ballerina Kleinen Revue. Berliner Morgenpost, February 1997    

A lot of show-styles were to be seen here. Dancing prevailed. A perfect mixture of song and dance: Veniamin with an amazing entanglement of arms and legs, rising pipes and constantly changing body-shapes. Neues Deutschland, 18 February 1997

Veniamin Shows Press, Human Slinky Gala Shows Worldwide"Yes!" Revue Polynesian Palace Waikiki - Honolulu/ Hawaii         

Waikiki has long been searching for a fresh new concept in entertainment and Outrigger Entertainment has found it.  In a joint venture with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. of Japan, a unique international revue "YES!" opened recently at the Polynesian Palace. A giant slinky comes to life performing unbelievable feats. Ho'ike ' O Waikiki 

The human slinky, Veniamin, is a colorful and comical high-energy illusion.  Adults may try to visualize exactly where he is inside the costume; kids will love the visual ness of the quadruped slinky as it rolls, sprawls, spills and dances across the stage. Honolulu Star- Bulletin, January 15, 1998

Remember How the undulating coils of a slinky would slip from hand to hand? "Human Slinky" is performed by the amazin Veniamin. The Waikiki 

See a Human Slinky (Veniamin), who undulates through an amazing oversized network of rainbow coils, flipping and sliding and appearing to have incredible fun. The show begins with underwater sequences of marine life evolving into a hypnotic undersea dance, as a sea urchin, a jellyfish, an eel, and capped by Veniamin's  entrance as a four legged octopus. Performed in muted lighting, the opening is haunting, beckoning the audience to remain. The Honolulu Advertiser, January 2, 1998 

Talent Press Release | Veniamin Shows Press | Human Slinky Press, Austrian National CircusAustrian National Circus Louis Knie/ Europe Tour   

The Circus director Louis Knie discovered Veniamin, an extravagant, unusual and modern  artist at the Budapest Circus Festival. Veniamin present poetic metamorphosis every day at the Austrian National Circus in Graz. Kulturmenu, June 10, 1998

The surprise of the program: The American artist Veniamin with his developed art of movement makes the audience believe in a real live cartoon act. Tiroler Tageszeitung,  August 30, 1998

The American artist Veniamin, with superb body control as an Octopus, brays an incredible show. Kurier, April 28, 1998

Talent Press Release, Conrad Jupiter Casino Gold Coast, Australia"Inneuvre" International Revue, Showroom Casino Conrad Jupiters/ Gold Coast/ Australia

Veniamin Oprea; he was born in Romania and calls Italy home. Veniamin travels the world entertaining audiences from children to Prime Ministers with his unique act." From  Innuvre program

Everyone loves a slinky... The Human Slinky is now featured in Inneuvre. Slink' on in to see Inneuvre and pass on the word about this exciting new show to your family, friends and our customers. Conrad Jupiters: A magical World of food, music, shows and games. While the Human Slinky- yes, it has come to life will have you in absolute stitches. I refuse to give anything away about how this champion Romanian gymnast does his tricks he'll have you believing in magic again. Discovering the Gold Coast, August 9, 1999

Romanian born  circus performer Veniamin Oprea is always a crowd favorite in the guise of his alter ego the incredibly flexible Human Slinky. Gold Coast Bulletin & Hinterland Sun

The kids will adore more usual circus act such as the incredibly flexible Human Slinky.  Brisbane News, June 30, 1999

The Human Slinky, alias Romania gymnastics champion Veniamin Oprea. He formed the act in 1987 and since then has traveled the world. Veniamin said he had trouble explaining the act except it twice as difficult from the inside as it looked from the outside.  The Sunday Mail, January 31, 1999

Human Slinky Press, Cole Bros. Circus
The New! Cole Bros. Circus Season 2005 USA
09/29/05 -Southern League (SL) Mobile BayBears
Circus at Hank Aaron Stadium only two weeks away

 MOBILE, AL- From Thursday, October 13th through Sunday, October 16th the Cole Brothers Circus is coming to Mobile. "The World's Largest Circus Under the Big Top" is just a few short weeks away, and is being held at the Hank Aaron Stadium parking lot. The circus features entertaining acts like "The Human Slinky." One of the best acts you'll ever see, the stretches of Romania's Veniamin. The slinky curves, expands and retracts, puzzling the eye.


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